"Get Your Business Blog
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From: Lynette Chandler

Subject: Why Business Blogs Die

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

Do you want to start a blog for your business but worry it's too much work? You wonder how to keep up with the demanding schedules or worse, what to do when you run out of things to say.

"The Key Is In Laying The Right Foundations First"

Gone are the days you can slap together a blog in 5 minutes and start getting traffic and increase your search engine rankings in 24 hours. Today, before you do anything, you need to create the right foundation for your blog. It's a crucial step but hardly practiced; This free 5 day eCourse will help you set the cornerstone, so your blog will start off on the right track.

  • Learn why most business blogs dry up and die out and how to prevent that from happening to you
  • Find out how to setup your blog now so you don't lose all the traffic later
  • Learn the right way to craft search engine friendly URLs for blogs
  • Discover the key to get people to talk about you and your products
  • Learn why people read blogs and apply it to your blog.


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I look forward to seeing you on the other side. Whether you have your blog set up or not, this quick course will help you lay the groundwork so you'll have a blog that is effectively supporting your business from day one.


All the best,

Lynette Chandler


P.S. Setting the groundwork may sound simple, but it's also the most important especially in today's blogging scene. Think about it, when you started advertising your business, did you know plan it first? Of course you did. You want the most bang for your efforts. So why should you not do the same for blogs? Get this course now so you don't waste precious time and money later.


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